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Anor is the northern province of Valwyr. It is home to the capital city of Valwyria, which sits upon Valwyr Island (also known as “The Eye”), in the middle of Lake Summerwind. It is the most prosperous of the provinces, as well as the most populous, with over 100,000 inhabitants.

Anor is a very warm, humid land. The northern winds blow southward and get caught at the mountains, resulting in frequent rain and humidity. The north coast is drier, but also much colder.

Anor was the first land settled by the elves in the ancient times, and thus is rich in history and mythology. The Elven Line of Succession has existed in recorded form for over seven thousand years, most likely continued to exist for thousands of years prior, and was only recently broken by Queen Larana‘s marriage to King Elzyr, a human. This change was brought about for several reasons, most importantly to make a solid ally out of the humans in east Anor, Brann’s Men as they are called, to help defend Valwyria against Prince Gallean‘s invasion. Another reason was that King Quelin, the elvish king before Elzyr, and Larana’s husband for over two hundred years, was largely considered an ineffective king, placing the needs of the elves over the needs of the kingdom. After the Rebellion sought independence from Quelin’s rule, it became apparent that the kingdom needed to diversify, though Quelin himself was not apt to force this diversity. Thus, it was placed in Larana’s hands, and despite her desire to respect her husband even in death, she married Elzyr in order to produce change in Valwyr and raise morale.


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