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Human city in Brann’s Land. Located close to Spiderwood. The humans there are known as “spider hunters,” as they are very skilled at killing the giant spiders in the forest, and their main trade is in spider’s silk, which is used in all sorts of things. The population is 80% human, 5% elf, 5% gnome, 3% halfling, and 2% everything else.

Desek was the first of the two human cities settled by Brann Takarog in the third century of recorded time. The legends state that Brann traveled through the forest with the Hundred Men, eventually coming upon a spider’s nest with a thousand man-sized spiders and one enormous spider known as Jagokein. Brann and his best friend, Allor Hesbeanne, fought off the spiders on their own, and Brann himself took on Jagokein one-on-one, eventually killing it by slicing its abdomen open. The Hundred Men gathered the spider’s silk they found there and, exhausted and beaten, stopped in the land soon to be known as Desek. Brann fashioned the impenetrable breastplate known as Spider’s Bane using the silk from Jagokein’s belly and mithril given to him by the steward of Dersken at the time, Balow Bellows. Spider’s Bane used to be held in the Desek museum, but was stolen long ago and lost to legend.

Now, Desek is an important city on the trade route to Hellsmouth and back. The city cut a pathway through Spiderwood to allow travelers to pass through, and set up various guard posts and escape tunnels along the way, in case of spider attack.


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