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Durk is a shithole of a town in western Hellsmouth, on the banks of the Stark River and the King’s Road. Once the seat of power in Hellsmouth, it is now a ruined, crime-ridden piece of crap.

It has a population of just about 600, nearly half of which being halflings who have taken over the town since it was attacked seven years ago.

Durk is run politically by Margravine Jaina, a middle aged human woman from the center of the province who came to Durk ten years ago with a large military to secure the border to the east. Two years later, elf Prince Gallean came through Durk with his army and laid waste to everything in his path. He was eventually quelled, by people quickly forgot about Durk, which is why it is such a shithole today. Jaina was spared death because of her cowardice (hiding in the dungeons when the siege happened), and now “rules” Durk with a pillow fist. She has a total of 21 NPCs in her retinue.

The religion is headed by Abbess Kyrona, an elderly human female Pelor priestess. Despite the village being mostly halflings, Pelor is the most worshiped deity, primarily because there’s a huge church in the center of town devoted to Pelor that didn’t collapse when Gallean passed through. Kyrona is a kind of nutty woman, seemingly a little chaotic in her pursuit to fully embrace Pelor’s power. The Abbess has eight clerics under her guidance, one of them being Krobb Krobbson. Of all the power centers in the town, the church is the strongest. Naturally, Margravine Jaina hates the Abbess, but won’t do anything about her because of her extreme paranoia and fear of leaving her keep.

There is a halfling Assassin’s Guild that is building in power. out of the seven members, only their leader, Herek the halfling rogue, is worth a damn. But they are a good Guild that only kills bad people in power, and the town genuinely appreciates them, being the closest thing to a police they have in the city.

The adventurers have lived in Durk for twelve years, and thus they know it as a prosperous human village, as a military stronghold under Jaina, and as the now current shithole. They know the ins and outs of the town, who lives where, what is important, etc.


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