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Also known as the Desert Citadel, Firgsbag was originally a colony of dwarven miners attempting to find gold in the aptly named Gold Desert. The heat of the desert itself caused them to move close to the coast, where they established Firgsbag. This happened about three thousand years ago. Since then, no gold has been found (though everyone continues to claim it’s there), and Firgsbag has developed into a sizable port town of about 15,000 people. It still retains a large dwarven population, despite being the last place a dwarf would normally live.

Later on, the Elven Monarchy decided to form Firgsbag into a military stronghold against invaders from the east. Hence the “Desert Citadel” was born. Firgsbag currently holds the largest number of prisoners in its dungeons, which reach so far under the earth that it is said the bottom level touches Hell itself.

The “ruler” of Hellsmouth, Mad Duke Rorgan, is currently imprisoned in the Citadel, because of his insanity.


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