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Hellsmouth is the southeastern province of Valwyr, nestled up against the south fork of the Kersley Mountains and the eastern Hellstooth Mountains. It is the smallest of the provinces, and also the least populated.

Hellsmouth’s climate is hot, due to two significant factors: warm southern winds getting caught in the mountain ranges and having no place to go, and the enormous amount of heat emanating from the Hellsmouth itself. In the summer, temperatures in the Gold Desert can reach over 140 degrees, and even in the winter, most of the province doesn’t dip below 50 degrees.

Having been the last province to be discovered, Hellsmouth has a lot of mystery to it. Durk, once the largest and greatest city there, was established by hardy men and dwarves to act as a center for exploration. Firgsbag was founded as a home for trepanners who walked the sands in search of the legendary gold which gives the desert its name. But over time, nothing and no one could escape the oppressive heat and particular monsters of the province, as well as the The Hellsmouth itself, which is an eternally burning fire pit that some say goes as deep as the Abyss itself. While Durk was sacked by Prince Gallean as he tried to find a path to Valwyria, the city was already in a state of disrepair by the time the elven prince arrived. Nothing, it seems, survives Hellsmouth intact.


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