King Elzyr

Human King (Aristocrat)
Born: 35 years ago.

Elzyr Carpathan was born in Neven, and quickly became one of Brann’s League, a fighter’s guild of sorts in east Anor. By the age of 23 he was one of the top men in the League. After King Quelin’s death five years ago, Queen Larana came to Neven to speak with Elzyr. They were married six months later. Leana Carpathan was born a year later.

Despite the hasty arrangement, Elzyr has so far been known as a good king. He is calm, quiet, and reserved, though also very smart and witty. He is also one of the best swordfighters in Valwyr.

His father is Barzon Carpathan, his mother Lydia Carpathan. He has two younger brothers, Kell Carpathan (32) and Dylan Carpathan (29).

King Elzyr

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