King's Guard

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The official military of Valwyr. Every city in the charter has a troop of the Guard serving as protectors (with the exception of Durk, which has yet to receive troops following Prince Gallean’s attack). The Guard are highly trained, brute force soldiers and skilled archers, along with some of the most powerful wizards and sorcerers in Valwyr. They strive to protect everyone in the land, as difficult as that can be sometimes.

The entire Guard is overseen by Praetor Sigil Thunderstone, a stern, stoic dwarf. There are several regional commanders and Captains and Sergeants below them.

King’s Guard ranks:

The Large Guard
Praetor – oversees the entire Guard. Currently Sigil Thunderstone.
General – oversees either east or west Valwyr. Tongir Selvin is general of east Valwyr, Lionheart Sorgo is general of west Valwyr.
Commander – commands a battalion of troops in a province. There are two in Letora, two in Anor, one in Castelin, and one in Hellsmouth.

The Small Guard
Major – commands a division of up to 500 men.
Captain – commands a division of up to 100 men.
Lieutenant – commands up to 50 men.
Sergeant – commands a squad of up to 10 men.

Soldiers below this are known as “bluntstones” [equivalent to “cannon fodder”, as the axes which cleave through them become blunt].

King's Guard

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