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Letora is the large province to the south of the Kersley Mountains. It includes Arrow Island. It is known as “The Mouth,” and is ruled temporarily by Countess Marzalan, until Princess Irena is old enough to rule the province herself.

Letora’s climate is volatile at times, creating enormous thunderstorms which ravage the land in the spring and early summer. It is generally warmer than Anor, though not as hot as Hellsmouth. The northern winds blow diagonally over the northern part of the province, meeting up with the southern winds blowing north. The south part of the province (colloquially known as the Jawbone) is dry, arid plains and high desert. Letora is home to a large contingency of dwarves, and is generally considered the home of all goblinoid creatures in Valwyr, who reside primarily in Goblinwood.

Letora was discovered by the elves millenia ago, when they discovered Giant’s Pass, the only reasonable way through the mountain range. Since then, the elves have largely stayed away from the province, while the dwarves — who long ago found rare mineral and metal ores in the mountains — have built two enormous cities, Gardeg and Kag Baron. Humans founded the city of Cawol on Arrow Island and Hags Coast at the edge of Jawbone Plains.


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