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Valwyr is the continent and the three surrounding islands.
Valwyr is broken up into four provinces: Castelin, Letora, Anor, and Hellsmouth.
(You begin in Hellsmouth.)

Valwyria – the capital city of Valwyr.
King Elzyr – human king.
Queen Larana – elven queen.
Prince Ansbach – elf prince, son of Queen Larana and former King Quelin (an elf). [Didn’t realize his name was also a town in Germany]
King Quelin – former king of Valwyr.
Princess Irena – half-elf princess. Also like seven years old.
The Elven Monarchy

Biryellen – Elf continent to the east.
Prince Gallean – Elf prince from Biryellen.

Castelin – island province to the west. Ruled by Prince Ansbach.
Letora – province to the south, includes Arrow Island. Also known as The Mouth. Currently ruled by Countess Marzalan. Will be ruled by Princess Irena when she is old enough.
Anor – province to the north. Ruled by King Elzyr and Queen Larana. Includes Darkforest Island.
Hellsmouth – small province to the southeast. Ruled by Mad Duke Rorgan.

Closer map of the Durk area

Durk – the town you begin the game in.
Margravine Jaina – Current ruler of Durk [note: Margravine is a title, not a name]
Margrave Johann – Husband of Margravine Jaina. Dead.
Firgsbag – the Desert Citadel, home of the Mad Duke.
Gold Desert – the desert of Hellsmouth.
Stark River – river on which Durk sits.
Lyron Forest – forest to the northwest of Durk.
Gold Coast – the coast of Hellsmouth.
The Hellsmouth – an enormous fiery pit in Hellsmouth. Hence the name.
Bycar – a sad dwarf settlement.
Lake Bycar – a somewhat fetid lake.
Sordin Outpost – a pseudo-military outpost.
Jek – a gnome hamlet.
Ferrytown – a human settlement.
King’s Road – the official roadway of Valwyr.

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