Mekhel Tiva

Old Elvish for “Story Bearers.”

The Story Bearers were the first people to record the history of Valwyr. Commissioned by Queen Llewellyss, the seven sages were given the task of traveling across the country and writing down what they saw. It was a chance, say some, to try out the new elvish runic script being developed by scholars within Castle Valwyr. This is speculation at best; only one sage, Moskri, even hints at the idea that there was no written form of communication prior to the Story Bearers (more likely is that there was no permanent form of writing prior to the codifying of runic markings which make up the Old Elvish script). More likely is that Llewellyss was simply interested in collecting facts and knowledge of the surrounding area for historical and political reasons.

The original seven sages were named Sheke, Moskri, Davlyn, Woldor, Dak, Speng, and Calrin.

Within ten years, the numbers of the Story Bearers exploded to over two hundred elven scholars, dedicated to preserving the history of Valwyr.

Today, the Story Bearers number around five hundred, with another five hundred “Proxy Bearers” — non-elven scholars (myself included) — finishing the list. They are quartered in their own building in the South Ward of Valwyria.

Mekhel Tiva

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