Prince Ansbach

Male elf aristocrat
Born: One hundred years ago

Prince Ansbach is the son of Queen Larana and King Quelin. He is the only offspring of the royals, and as the Line of Succession dictates, he will reign over the Castelin province until King Elzyr dies. However, since the Rebellion, the Prince’s power there has diminished considerably, and he is now little more than a leading member of the Provincial Council.

Ansbach always hated how much of a milquetoast his father had been, and spent most of his time in Castelin, advising the people there of how to secure their independence. His ultimate goal was to rule Castelin by himself, though obviously the people felt otherwise. Still, he believes in the Council, and continues to be an active part of it, despite his lesser role.

Ansbach is famous (or infamous, if you will) for being a bit of a casanova. He has had numerous relationships with women across Valwyr, and refuses to settle down with any one woman.

Prince Ansbach

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