Valwyr is a wide and varied landscape, and the people who inhabit it are just as varied. Currently there are five distinct “civilized” races within our land, as well as two half-races:

Elves, the naturally magical and so-called “founders” of Valwyr;

Dwarves, the skilled craftsmen and sturdy warriors;

Gnomes, the joking tinkerers and alchemists;

Halflings, the curious and clever opportunists;

and Humans, the adaptable pioneers.

In addition, there are two mixed races:

Half-elves, a mixture of human adaptability and elven cunning;

and Half-orcs, a mixture of human adaptability and orc strength.

These races make up the foundation of civilization in Valwyr. Cities and markets are created by them, trade happens because of them, and civility and law were constructed by them. But they certainly are not the only races that make up Valwyr’s population. Some, but certainly not all, of Valwyr’s “uncivilized” races include:

Goblinoids, like orcs, goblins, hobgoblins, bugbears;

Centaurs, which live deep within the Gorari Forest;

Dragons, which generally live in caverns in the mountains;

Giants, rare but striking creatures;

Grimlocks, terrible, evil humanoid creatures lurking just below the surface;

Kobolds, tiny reptilian nuisances;

Lizardfolk, who hail in and around the Gessel Marshes (and by “hail” I mean they were forced there by the elves, millenia ago);

Merfolk, often seen sunning themselves on rocks just off the coast;

and Orcs, terrifying monsters with camps all across Valwyr.

This is just a small sampling of creatures that band together in tribes or camps, but do not contribute to civilization as a whole. And it certainly doesn’t include all of the monsters and other creatures that make such civilizations necessary for the safety of the population!


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