Temple of Six Arms

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Located about twenty miles west of Tilly in the Tilly Forest, the Temple of Six Arms is a monastic order devoted to Hextor (see the Deities chapter for more info on the gods). It is given the freedom to exist solely because of Tilly’s rather liberal attitude towards freedom of religion; that, and because the monks that are trained there are some of the most powerful beings in Valwyr. The monks train there specifically to gain the power to become demigods and destroy Hextor’s half brother, Heironeous. Power is their ultimate goal, and anyone who gets in their way will be destroyed.

There are always only six monks in the temple at any time, and once the monk receives the proper training, they are sent off to gain power. The monks are solitary and try not to travel with other adventurers, but they will if it is beneficial for them. It is not uncommon to see a solitary monk traveling alone. Though considered a threat by the Provincial Council, the monks have formed a peace treaty with them in order to continue existing in Castelin. The treaty says that a Six Arms monk is not allowed to harm another race while on Castelin. This frustrates many monks, as it is rumored that a powerful artifact rests beneath the castle in Pendel and they know they can’t get to it without killing a few guards.

The temple has been in existence for around 4,000 years and welcomes any race into its doors.

Temple of Six Arms

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