A History of Valwyr

As a halfling, I’ve found it incredibly difficult to speak to the elves regarding either the creation of the world, or of our various races, or even of the history before the Story Bearers were created. The time before recorded history is shrouded in mystery. What we do know is this: Valwyr is an ancient elven word meaning “Home of the Wanderers,” and to this day the elves still call themselves “wyr,” or “wanderers,” which is strange considering they have stayed put for over seven thousand years. Regardless, history, and time, begins with the first Queen, Llewellyss.

Llewellyss founded the Story Bearers, or “Mekhel Tiva,” shortly after becoming queen over seven thousand years ago. She also commissioned several of the wisest elven sages to conjure up a calendar, presumably because of poor quality farming schedules at the time. Over time, the elves created the calendar that we know today: twelve months with 30 days in each month. This roughly coincided with the creation of the Story Bearers, and the first bit of recorded knowledge we have is the departure of Sheke, one of the original Story Bearers, from Valwyria into the lands now known as east Anor (or Brann’s Land, if you’re a human). This was recorded on what would become the first day of the Elven Calendar.

What this means is: Valwyria existed prior to the creation of the calendar, and judging by the writing styles, the elves were more than thriving back then.

So pre-As Written knowledge is contained primarily in fragments of mythology and stories handed down by the elves from generation to generation. And these stories are heavily guarded by the ancient elven families for reasons we’re still not entirely sure about. But as time progresses, information is inevitably retrieved, and I personally have formulated a vague depiction of the elven world, and the creation of Valwyr, prior to the written record. I have broken this foggy history into three parts.

Part I: The Creation of Valwyr

The elves tell a story called “Ursobelle’s Breathing,” in which a goddess named Ursobelle was sleeping in the aether of Nothingness. For an eternity she lay sleeping, until one day she imagined the elves in her mind (perhaps in a dream) and smiled, and when she exhaled her breath became the stars the dot the sky. Then the details get fuzzy but long story short she literally or metaphorically gives birth to the world we know as Valwyr and dies off shortly after, perhaps in childbirth. Worldbirth. Whatever. Valwyr was originally an endless ocean until the Walking Gods came to shape it into what we know today.

Part II: The Rise of Elves

There is a long stretch of pre-history involving the proto-races dwelling with the Walking Gods. Not much is known about it, other than that eventually the elves supposedly arrived in Valwyr from Biryellen (we assume) and began to dominate our land, bringing with them the True Gods. The True Gods supposedly drove out and/or killed the Walking Gods out of Valwyr, and then disappeared into the cosmos, or wherever it is they live. The elves speak of the True Gods now as though they are a distant memory, though we know there are still cults and religious orders devoted to them.

Part III: The Long Stretch

I’m not kidding, that’s what the elves call it. It is a time of development for all the races and for Valwyr in general, though elven stories speak of it with disdain. It is thought that this era lasted roughly five thousand years and was incredibly turbulent and violent. Legend has it that it was Queen Llewellyss’ father, Mellior, the last of the Ancient Kings (and one of the few whose name we know), who finally established peace within the realm. How he did it is a mystery, but it was crucial in the formation of the Story Bearers and the beginning of Recorded History.

Recorded History

Obviously to extrapolate here exactly what has happened over the past eight thousand years would be insanity. Many of my previous editions of the Compendium deal with intricacies of Valwyr’s history, and if you wish to learn more, I suggest delving into those tomes. As yet there are only two scholars who have even attempted to establish a throughline of history using the vast array of scrolls and tomes in the Valwyrian Library: Jess Tecot, a human and probably the most famous, was a Pelagier corsair for many years before giving up the pirate life and becoming one of the most noted scholars in all Valwyr. Her book The Extensive History of Valwyr is a tremendous piece of work. The other is Lanthi Twilloway, a gnome (of all races) who traveled all across Valwyr in search of local stories and oral narratives of perceived history, before traveling to the Library and delving into the scrolls himself.

If you wish to learn a general history of time As Written, you may check Appendix D of this tome, entitled A General Timeline.

A Very Brief Timeline, Concerning Primarily the Durkish Area.

7919 – Krobb Sunkeeper, Calrissian, Myrtha Blythe, and Atticus Bowbender make their way to Durk.
7921 – Margravine Jaina arrives in Durk with twentyscore of the King’s Army. Their job is to protect Valwyr from Prince Gallean’s army, which is to arrive shortly.
7923 – Prince Gallean of Biryellen arrives with a ginormous army and all but destroys Durk. Many are killed. Our adventurers survive, as does Jaina.
7925 – The Prince returns, killing more, and setting the entire area on fire, before he travels back the way he came for a better route to Valwyria.
7926 – The rogueish halflings hiding in the Lyron Forest move to Durk, turning it into a crime-infested halfling haven. With no halflings to fight them off, nasty monsters begin hiding in the forest. Jaina immediately sends a message to the king about this, and then starts to go insane.
7928 – King Elzyr sends a small troop of guard to build an outpost outside of the forest. Sordin Outpost stands for three days before being nearly destroyed by monsters. It now is a ruin settled by volunteer militia men from Durk and Bycar.
12/7/7932 – The Old Campaign starts.
13/6/7933 – The Gallean Elves are defeated in Firgsbag.
18/2/7934 – The Brightswords are founded. Founding members are Krobb Sunkeeper, Calrissian, Myrtha Blythe, and Atticus Bowbender.
22/10/7934 – Myrtha gives birth to Alceste Blythe.
13/4/7935 – Urmenia gives birth to Lando.
7940 – Krobb Sunkeeper is killed while adventuring.
7954 – Alceste Blythe marries Millicent Haverdash.
7956 – Millicent Blythe gives birth to Amelia Blythe.
7975 – Atticus Bowbender dies of old age.
25/2/7977 – Caroptyx begins ravaging Dersken and the surrounding countryside.
7/8/7977 – The Brightswords defeat Caroptyx in the heart of the Morkorai Glacier (Note: Lando is the Brightsword leader at this point, and Amelia Blythe is a sorceress).
19/9/7977 – The Brightswords disappear from Valwyr.
3/9/7980 – Peasant Quest starts; our heroes receive their letters and meet Dorias at the Grumbling Pot.
5/9/7980 – Our heroes successfully steal the silver metal part from the mansion party.


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