The Valwyr Compendium

A Tome of Knowledge

compiled by

the honourable

Sir Rory Helsker III, Esq.

sixth edition


Greetings, greetings! If you’ve gone and gotten yourself a hold of this magnificent tome of knowledge, this compendium of facts, this … well, you get the drift — if you’ve got it and you can read, then congratulations. My name is Rory Helsker III, Esq, and I wrote it. Glad to meet you.

About the Author

Sir Rory Helsker III, Esq. was born in the wonderous city of Valwyria in the Third Month of the year 7832, under the watchful eye of Queen Larana and King Quelin the Aloof. Despite being a particularly tall halfling and not one of the hereditarily trained, purely elven-blooded Story Bearers, Rory was given a quill and an inkwell at an early age, and set about to change the world by collecting facts and information about it. He has since published no less than six editions (counting this one) of the Valwyr Compendium, arguably the greatest book about our fair and beautiful country ever written. Rory dedicates this book to his dearly departed parents: his mother, Murgatroyd Helsker, and his father, the every flatulent Rory Helsker II.

Table of Contents

1. A History of Valwyr

2. The Four Provinces

3. A Little Bit about the Land

4. The Races of Valwyr

5. Everyone You Absolutely Must Know

6. Important Places

7. The Factions of Valwyr


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